Fostered and/or Adopted 0 to 4 years

This truly engaging, personalized book helps you talk to your young child about their fostering or adoption.

Select the family relationship that most looks like yours.

All our books are 100% editable. But to help reduce the amount of tailoring required we have created different versions for traditional, same sex and single families.

This book is for toddlers and young children to around the age of four. There is no right age to start reading this book to your child. We’ve learned that when a child is told about their fostering or adoption early it becomes something ‘they’ve always known’, avoiding a big ‘reveal’ moment. We recommend you include this book as one of your bedtime story options. As your child's understanding develops over time, you will have become practiced at telling their story.

Mom & Dad

Two Moms

Single Mom

Two Dads

Single Dad

“Easy to use and very good customer service when I had a couple of queries. Very happy with the finished product. It's great to be able to tell our son about our family journey rather than having to use a generic story.”  Peter