Fostered and/or Adopted 5 to 8 years

These fully customizable, beautifully illustrated books encourage openness about your child's fostering or adoption.

These books are for children around five to eight years old. They encourage a child's questions and concerns so that they can be discussed and answered. It is important that your child understands where they come from and that it is okay to talk about their birth parents.

Select the version that most looks like yours. All our books are 100% editable - so you can make your book reflect your child's own story. 

If you are a foster parent choose the last option.
If you have adopted your child, you need to decide if your child has an open or closed adoption.
• If your child has contact with either or both of their birth parents then choose one of the 'open' options.
• The 'open' versions allow parents to include the birth parents' names if they wish.
• However, if your child has no contact, or very limited contact, then a closed version will probably suit you better.
• Have a look at both options to see which feels best for your family.

Whether you are a foster parent or your child's adoption is open or closed, we hope our books help you to have conversations with your child that are as open as possible. We totally appreciate that every single family’s story is different and that you are managing yours very carefully.

We have tried to put ourselves in the child's shoes - what will they want to know, what are they worried about?

Our book for young children aims to help them understand their fostering or adoption and to talk to their parents about it.

Our book for 5- to 8-year-olds goes further in that it actively encourages children to voice any questions or worries they have.

“Great product, excellent service. This is a company that really cares about what they do. They will go out of their way to help you get your story and book perfect.”Paul