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Picture of The Magic of You - we create yours

The Magic of You - we create yours

For people who would like help a bit of help with their Magic of You book

Product description

If you would like help creating your avatars, then follow these steps:

  1. You will need to have registered - if you haven't already, click Login on the top right of the site and register.
  2. Avatars - under My Account / Album Management (top right) upload the photos of the key people in your story for whom you want to have avatars (parents, children, and donor or surrogate if you would like to feature them). Follow our guidance on what makes a good photo for an avatar.
  3. We need to know your story – go to the Magic of You book, click Create your own, and complete just the first step. When you get to Step 2, Create your avatars, click Save as project (top right).
  4. Once you have done these steps, come back here and click Add to cart and Checkout (there is zero cost) – this will alert us that you would like us to help.
  5. We will create your avatars and email you when your book is ready for you to edit and complete with photos at the end. We will normally do this within one business day.
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Good to know

Before you get started, make sure you have good photos of the characters in your story. 

Before you create your book it might help to look at our youtube video guidance.

Don't want to use your photo as the avatar?  Head to and create a character there, then download that as a png and use that instead of a photo.  If you do this, make your character darker than you normally would.

Transgender parents may find the Magic of You with Photos more suitable.

The Magic of You is fully customizable and will help:

  • Gay or single dads talk to their child about donor egg and surrogacy
  • Gay mums explain donor sperm to their child
  • Single mums explain donor sperm / a gestational surrogate
  • Straight couples tell their child that they used IVF or donor eggs / donor sperm / a gestational surrogate