Talking to your child about IVF

How to teach your child about the IVF process.

Teaching your children about how they came into this world can be a tricky conversation for any parent, even more so when you have to explain the complicated process and reasons behind a non-traditional conception, such as IVF. You might be concerned that it will be difficult to understand, complicated to explain, overly scientific or overwhelming … or all of the above! But it doesn’t have to be. There are a number of useful resources and inventive ways to explain IVF to your child that are not only simple for them to understand but can also create a fond family memory to look back on in future years.


Tell your children about IVF using a book.

Books are a brilliant resource for these situations. You can find books to explain IVF suitable for all different ages and comprehension levels, often in fun ways that will keep your children’s interest and attention. Most popular books use colourful and engaging images that your child can relate to. Some books even take it to the next level, like our personalised “The Magic of You” books. You can place yourself and your children in the pages of the book using customisable avatars to help your child fully understand, engage with, and enjoy learning about the IVF process. The book will become a treasured keepsake and will help build loving family memories. It might even become your child’s favourite bedtime story!


Create an engaging video to share your family’s journey.

Documenting your IVF process through video is a great way to preserve the memories for a lifetime. If you recorded videos of the important, meaningful moments of your IVF journey they can be a brilliant way to share the story with your children. Videos are a great way to get your child to engage with the story of your journey and how they came to be, and there are loads of ways to make one. During the IVF process you could make a video diary including all the meaningful moments, large and small, and record heartfelt messages to your future child from yourself, your egg or sperm donor, your partner and even grandparents, aunts and uncles. If you’re a little camera shy you could make a video collage featuring photos and ultrasounds using an online tool. You don’t need to be Steven Spielberg to create a successful video, just get creative and have fun and you’ll have a cherished memory that is also a valuable teaching tool.


Go back to basics and share stories.

You don’t necessarily need anything more than your voice and memories to teach your child about IVF, although many do find it helps to have visual aids. Simply sit down with your children and have a chat about the whole IVF process, from making that first decision to start it, all the way through to the day they were born. Teaching your child about the IVF process in the form of a story will help them to take in the information at their (and your) own pace and is a lovely way to spend some quality family time together. If you have gone through this journey with a partner, you can each take turns telling your different experiences, thoughts and feelings along the way. This can also be a way to first introduce the basic idea and information to your child, before moving on to a more detailed explanation using a personalised book.