Together we are working to help people make more informed choices about donor conception.

Donor Conceived Community

We are collaborating with Melissa Lindsey at Donor Conceived Community. DCC provides peer support, education, and resources for people navigating donor conception and DNA discoveries.

DCC help donor conceived people navigate genetic discoveries, connect to supportive community, and cultivate authentic identity and belonging. 

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Paths to Parenthub

Becky from Defining Mum has set up Paths to Parenthub. Whether you are at the very beginning of your journey, or now parenting via donor conception, join this private space to find support, information, friendship, and a sense of community within the Paths to Parenthub.

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All Things Donor Conception

Hayley set up All Things Donor Conception for advice, support and guidance for anyone seeking information on sperm, egg or embryo donation.

Hayley is both a donor conceived adult and the mum to sperm donor conceived twins with her wife of 13 years. This site was born out of her desire to share information and resources on this often unspoken topic.

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Donor Conception Network

The Donor Conception Network are a supportive network of more than 2,000 mainly UK based families with children conceived with donated sperm, eggs or embryos, those considering or undergoing donor conception procedures; and donor conceived people. They have been supporting donor conception families for over 25 years and we are proud to be working with them.

Do consider the DCN’s Telling and Talking booklet for 0-7yrs which is a great companion book to any children’s story book, helping parents think through when and how to tell young children the story of how they began.

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Men Having Babies

The international nonprofit Men Having Babies (MHB) is dedicated to providing gay men with educational and financial support to achieve parenthood through surrogacy. MHB’s annual conferences, workshops and webinars provide over two thousand attendees worldwide with unbiased guidance and access to a wide range of relevant service providers. The organization’s Gay Parenting Assistance Program (GPAP) annually provides hundreds of couples with over a million dollars worth of cash grants, discounts and free services from over seventy providers.

Sensitive Matters give customers that email us with their MHB membership number a 15% discount code.

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LGBT Mummies

The sole purpose of LGBT Mummies is to support LGBT+ women and people globally on the path to motherhood or parenthood.

They act as a central point of support, providing information, guidance and knowledge on the available routes to starting a family through their website and social channels.

They have educational resources, support groups and services, information on charities, LGBT+ brands, stories from their community and details of their annual UK ‘Meets’ where families come together to celebrate, make friends and share their experiences.

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Donor Conceived Aotearoa

Emma from Donor Conceived Aotearoa always gives us great advice. They create a positive and profound impact on the lives of donor conceived people and their families

Their focus is enabling parents, donors,  community, government and the fertility industry to understand the needs and experiences of people conceived through egg, sperm and embryo donation, both in Aotearoa New Zealand and across the world.

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The Ribbon Box

Eloise from The Ribbon Box has partnered with us to offer their readers donor conception resources and support.

The Ribbon Box is a new, free, supportive and inspirational community with shared stories, useful giveaways, daily expert advice and events. They support people through pregnancy, parenting and beyond, understanding how important wellbeing is, no matter what stage of life you’re at.

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Surrogacy UK

Surrogacy UK is the leading UK not-for-profit surrogacy organization. “Through our organization surrogates and intended parents can meet one another and form the friendships that can lead to dreams coming true.  We are here to help and support you through all the stages of your surrogacy journey.”

“We immediately liked the Magic of You – a personalized book is a great way of helping a child understand the incredible role of a surrogate. We rely on grants and donations, so any funds coming our way from book sales will help us support more families”, Alex Pye, Social Media and PR Officer, Surrogacy UK.

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My Surrogacy Journey

Domestic and International Surrogacy lacks tailored and balanced support, so Mike and Wes decided to change it, starting with My Surrogacy Journey. Included are several UK firsts for a UK Surrogacy organisation such as eight hours of emotional support including professional BICA counselling throughout the entire journey. They have several partnerships geared to providing the best support to intended parents.

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Lori Metz

Lori Metz, LCSW, CCM-R, BC-THM, is a therapist who specializes in working with those on fertility journeys. She works with individuals and couples, providing educational consults for those building their families through donor conception and surrogacy. Lori is an author and host of the LIFE podcast. She lectures and runs workshops and is a fertility advocate. Lori is a member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine Mental Health Professional Group, RESOLVE the National Infertility Association, and the Board Certified Tele-Mental Health Board.

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Jana M. Rupnow

Jana M. Rupnow is a licensed professional counselor in private practice and nationally and internationally for consultation on video or phone. Jana specializes in infertility counseling and provides screening for third party reproduction according to ASRM guidelines. She is highly recommended by endocrinologists across the country for her professional and personal experience with infertility, adoption and non-bio family life.

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