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An award winning personalized book for donor conceived children, with delightful clipart and photos, quick to make and adaptable for any family scenario.
These truly engaging, personalized books help you talk to your young child about their fostering or adoption.
These fully customizable, beautifully illustrated books encourage openness about your child's fostering or adoption.
A personalized book for a surrogate to read to her children explaining how she is helping another family to have a child of their own.


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Help someone you love create their child’s own story with this gift card
$55.00 (USD)

We have collated comments and experience from parents and professionals and put them together in a booklet for people embarking on a donor or adoption journey.
$0.00 (USD)

Softback children's book to help explain donor egg and/or donor sperm or donor embryo to your child.
$52.50 (USD)

This book is for young adopted children who have been in foster care and have no contact with their birth parents.
$55.00 (USD)

We believe that children have the right to know about their origins – that this information belongs to them. What makes our books different from other books for telling and talking about egg and sperm donors, surrogates and birth parents, fostering and adoption, is that they are highly personalized and fully editable. So you don’t just end up with any story about donor conception or fostering and adoption, but your story.   Our award-winning books are suitable for heterosexual, single and LGBTQ+ parents.

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We found this lovely book that made the telling really easy. It’s called The Magic of You. Thanks to her book Eva Rose can explain quite simply that she has two mums that love her and a donor, Daddy Simon Lee. The book includes wonderfully simple explanations about the process, with lovely illustrations. In short, our book is absolutely amazing, my daughter can’t get enough of it.  Pride Angel.


We are so happy with the books and the girls loved it and owned it.  The books really helped me find ways to create the narrative of my children's conception.  The process of doing the book and collating the pictures was fun but also therapeutic.  I would definitely recommend your website and I hope your business all the success.  Mona


After ten years of trying for a baby, we finally got our miracle in 2020, via a surrogate. After thoroughly researching personalised books to explain the journey to our baby girl, I found Sensitive Matters. It was the only website I found that felt right. It gave us everything we could have hoped for - quick, easy process, specific to our unusual situation and was dealt with delicate care and love. We are delighted with the final result, which made us cry when we first saw it! We are already reading it to our baby. What a beautiful way to explain how she came to be. A must have for every non-traditional parent.  Katie


Customizable Children's Books - Make your child their very own beautiful hardback book about their story. You can edit all the text and add your own photos.
We have the children’s book to help you:
• Explain IVF to Your Child
• Tell your child about a donor egg
• Tell your child about donor sperm
• Explain a surrogate to your child
• Explain their adoption story
• Explain their foster story
• Encourage openness about their adoption or fostering
Our books are ideal for transracial families, LGBTQ families and anyone who used assisted reproduction to have their miracle baby.