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What out customers say:

“In short, our book is absolutely amazing, my daughter can’t get enough of it. Children are curious and sometimes cruel. Thanks to her book Eva Rose can explain quite simply that she has two mums that love her and a donor, Daddy Simon Lee. She is such a confident, bubbly little girl and in turn we are confident she won’t be blindsided by questions or comments in the playground.”  Pride Angel

“After ten years of trying for a baby, we finally got our miracle in 2020, via a surrogate. After thoroughly researching personalised books to explain the journey to our baby girl, I found Sensitive Matters. It was the only website I found that felt right. It gave us everything we could have hoped for - quick, easy process, specific to our unusual situation and was dealt with delicate care and love. We are delighted with the final result, which made us cry when we first saw it! We are already reading it to our baby. What a beautiful way to explain how she came to be. A must have for every non-traditional parent.” Katie

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for our Magic of You book. My daughter has chosen it as her bedtime story for the past two nights. Not only has it given her a better understanding of her complex conception, pregnancy and birth, but it has really helped me grieve for the baby we lost and to talk to her about it. It’s been a bit of therapy for me.”  Kathryn

“We are so happy with the books and the girls loved it and owned it.  The books really helped me find ways to create the narrative of my children's conception.  The process of doing the book and collating the pictures was fun but also therapeutic.”  M.