The Magic of You

A personalized book for donor conceived children, starring the important people in their story.

The Magic of You is not just another story for talking about donor conception or surrogacy – it is your story! 

Children find these books delightful as the photos mean you and they star in their very own book.

Help someone you love create their child’s own story with this gift card
$55.00 (USD)

Softback children's book to help explain IVF to your child. Suitable for a hetero couple that used their own egg and sperm in an IVF round to conceive their child or children.
$52.50 (USD)

Hardback children's book to help explain donor egg and/or donor sperm or donor embryo to your child.
$55.00 (USD)

Hardback children's book to help explain your surrogate to your child - with or without the help of a donor.
$55.00 (USD)

“I’d been worrying about how to tell my child about our egg donor and surrogate, but this book made it so easy. It has simple, clear language and delightful illustrations. My daughter especially likes the family photos."  Fran


Tips for communicating with your donor conceived child

  • Start the conversation when they are very little
  • Talk to them about their story often – it is not a ‘once and done’
  • The language you use will develop as they develop
  • Donor conceived people tell us it’s important that you refer to the donor as my/our donor not your donor – see our blog on ‘What to call the donor. When they are older, your child will decide what they want to call their parent’s donor.
  • We recommend you join groups on social media that include donor conceived adults and follow hashtags like #donorconceived - they give an insight into what your child may experience.