My Mom is a Surrogate
A personalized book for a surrogate to read to her children explaining how she is helping another family to have a child of their own.

My Magic Mom is not just another children's book for talking about surrogacy – it is your story!

All the text, clipart illustrations and pages are 100% editable – so this book can easily be adapted for any unique aspect in your story.

These books are vibrant, full of engaging clipart and your own photos and they are quick to make.

As every single word can be edited, you can tweak it so that it fits your story whether:

  •              Your family is a Mom and Dad / a single Mom / a two Mom family,
  •              You are helping a hetero, single or two Dad family,
  •              You are still in the planning phase / you are already pregnant / you have already given birth.

Help someone you love create their child’s own story with this gift card
$52.65 (USD)

Explain to your child that you are a surrogate for another family.
$52.65 (USD)

There is no right age to start reading this book to your child. Whether it's that their Mom is a surrogate or that they were donor conceived, we’ve learned that when a child is told their family story early it becomes something ‘they’ve always known’, avoiding a big ‘reveal’ moment. We recommend you include this book as one of your bedtime story options. As your child's understanding develops over time, you will have become practiced at telling their family story.

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