About Us

About us

We are an online publisher of personalized products covering sensitive subjects. If you have an idea for a book, booklet or card that helps to communicate a sensitive topic, then please get in touch.

Our team

Sali Odendaal

Founder Sensitive Matters

In 2017 we were over the moon when, after 12 years of a gruelling IVF journey, our son was born with the help of an egg donor and a gestational surrogate. 

I couldn’t find a book to help explain both the donor conception and surrogacy elements of Max’s story to him.  I also thought there was a need for something far more personalized than what was currently available, and The Magic of You was born.   

The idea that there are several subjects that need personalized and sensitive treatment is not a great leap from there.  

A book to help people suffering from memory loss was the next project. It was important to create a tool that helps anyone wanting to preserve their memories.

I really hope people will get in touch with books they would like to be published. 

Clare McDougall

PR, Marketing and Finance

Sali and I have been friends since our heady university days and I am a proud godmother to Sali’s son Max.

As a close witness to Sali’s journey through IVF to the eventual magic of Max, I am passionate about The Magic of You and am massively invested in its success.

The sample Memory Book features my beloved Dad, James. It was incredibly moving making this book as a tribute to him.

I am in charge of PR and marketing and bring accounting expertise along with heaps of energy and enthusiasm.

Fiona Macpherson

Illustrator for The Magic of You

Fiona had a strong desire to be a mother, and in 2015, with the help of both a sperm and egg donor, Fiona’s son was born. 

Fiona is a successful freelance illustrator, muralist and artist.  

Fiona and Sali met fortuitously at a DCN networking event, at which Sali mentioned that she was writing a customizable book for donor conceived children. Fiona asked if she needed an illustrator - the rest is history!