Delight your patients or clients by gifting The Magic of You or Adopted and Adored

Delight your patients or clients
by gifting The Magic of You or Adopted and Adored

Why partner with us?

  • Get referrals from delighted clients
  • Get social media mentions
  • Be known for supporting parents to talk to their children honestly 
  • Get kudos for doing the right thing

The package includes:

  • Gift codes for you to send to your patients and clients
  • Your own landing page URL hosted on our website with your messaging
  • Set up of your logo and messaging to appear on the back and inside back page of the books you gift
  • We offer a full support service for customers – we will create their avatar based book for them
  • We promote out partners to our followers and customers
  • We report back to you on take-up and social media mentions





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Partner Examples

European Sperm Bank

European Sperm Bank and Sensitive Matters have partnered up to gift parents their very own copy of "The Magic of You”.

Through this collaboration, ESB are demonstrating their commitment to putting the interests of donor conceived people and their families at the heart of their business.  Parents that have a child with sperm from a European Sperm Bank donor can request a code to make their own book for talking to their children.  Books are currently available in English, German, Danish and Dutch.

Julie Paulli Budtz of ESB said: "For us at European Sperm Bank, our commitments to families go beyond helping parents have a healthy child; we also provide resources to support children as they grow up. We view this gift as an important tool to help parents start the dialogue about donor conception with their toddlers or pre-schoolers”.

Read this blog about our partnership and visit European Sperm Bank to find out more about what they do.

Hope Surrogacy 

The wonderful Amy Kothe at Hope Surrogacy helped us develop our My Magic Mom books for the children of surrogates. Amy is one of the co-founders of Hope Surrogacy along with her partners Mary Murphey and LeeAnn Schulz.

Amy learned about Sensitive Matters through LinkedIn: “I wanted to get involved because I understand the importance of memory keeping and telling your story . . . and I’m so happy I did!

It was a seamless process to get our brand on the books – and they look great. Our clients are just starting to receive the codes to build their books. We can’t wait to see the creations they make and the stories they tell.

At Hope Surrogacy we strongly believe that every child whose mother is a surrogate should know what is happening and be proud. We are delighted to be gifting our incredible surrogates a unique story of the magic that their family is bringing to another family.

Hope Surrogacy’s greatest joy is helping people reach their dreams of having a baby while supporting the surrogate and her family as well as the intended families through the whole journey.”

Find out more at


What the end user customers say:

“In short, our book is absolutely amazing, my daughter can’t get enough of it. Children are curious and sometimes cruel. Thanks to her book Eva Rose can explain quite simply that she has two mums that love her and a donor, Daddy Simon Lee. She is such a confident, bubbly little girl and in turn we are confident she won’t be blindsided by questions or comments in the playground.”  Pride Angel

“After ten years of trying for a baby, we finally got our miracle in 2020, via a surrogate. After thoroughly researching personalised books to explain the journey to our baby girl, I found Sensitive Matters. It was the only website I found that felt right. It gave us everything we could have hoped for - quick, easy process, specific to our unusual situation and was dealt with delicate care and love. We are delighted with the final result, which made us cry when we first saw it! We are already reading it to our baby. What a beautiful way to explain how she came to be. A must have for every non-traditional parent.” Katie

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for our Magic of You book. My daughter has chosen it as her bedtime story for the past two nights. Not only has it given her a better understanding of her complex conception, pregnancy and birth, but it has really helped me grieve for the baby we lost and to talk to her about it. It’s been a bit of therapy for me.”  Kathryn

“We are so happy with the books and the girls loved it and owned it.  The books really helped me find ways to create the narrative of my children's conception.  The process of doing the book and collating the pictures was fun but also therapeutic.”  M.