My Magic Mom | My Mom is a Surrogate | Hardback

Hardback children's book to help explain to your child that you are a surrogate for another family.

Product description

My Magic Mom is not just another story about surrogacy – it is your story! It will help you to explain to your child / children why you chose to be a surrogate. And we hope it will help you as a family adjust to life after your surrogate child is with their intended parents.

"These bright, engaging, personalized books, full of fun illustrations and your photos, are a delight and lovely for children!"

The book is 100% customizable – you can move the clipart if you wish, add photos and edit any of the text. 

As every single word can be edited, you can tweak it so that it fits your story whether:

  • Your family is a Mom and Dad / a single Mom / a two Mom family,
  • You are helping a hetero, single or two Dad family,
  • You are still in the planning phase / you are already pregnant / you have already given birth.

The books are aimed at toddlers and pre-schoolers, beautifully illustrated, printed on gorgeous paper and bound in hardback covers. Each story has a photo section at the end which is a great place to add cherished photos of your family and photos of your surrogacy journey including photos of you with the intended parents and, if you have them, photos of your children with the surrogate baby. 

Worldwide shipping is available.

$55.00 (USD)

This story was developed with the help of Amy Kothe from Hope Surrogacy Inc, a small surrogacy agency in Madison, WI. Amy is one of the co-founders of Hope Surrogacy, along with her partners Mary Murphey and LeeAnn Schulz.