Magic of You | Two Dads | Hardback

Hardback children's book for two dad families to explain donor egg and surrogate to your child.

Product description

Whether you used a known or anonymous donor and a traditional or gestational surrogate, you can easily adapt this book so it is 100% YOUR story.

"These bright, engaging, personalized books, full of fun illustrations and your photos, are a delight and lovely for children!"

You customize your book – moving around clipart if you wish, adding photos and editing any of the text so that it is not just a story about surrogacy, it is your own story.

The books are aimed at toddlers and pre-schoolers, beautifully illustrated, printed on gorgeous paper and bound in hardback covers. Each story has a photo section at the end which is a great place to add cherished photos of donors (if known), surrogates, other children in the family, godparents and others special to you.

As the text can be edited, you can translate the book into other languages.

Worldwide shipping is available.

$55.00 (USD)