Tell your child early about donor conception

We think it’s important that you tell your child about donor egg, sperm or embryo . . . and to tell them early. This way you avoid a potentially difficult conversation when they are older and might find any ‘reveal’ difficult emotionally.


If you create your own Magic of You book and read it to your toddler, the story of their origins will become something they have always known.


Small children are accepting, open and positive – they will take their story at face value. The Donor Conception Network shares this opinion, recommending you tell your child when they are under five. They include some great reasons on their website.


The Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority also think it’s best to talk to children about their origins in early childhood.


And the advantages of a book is that it can be read again and again – so understanding develops as the child develops.


Whether you used IVF, a donor egg, sperm or embryo, this donor baby book will help you find the right words – you will have created your own story to share with your child, so they too can understand the magic of how they came to be.