Adopted & Adored | 0-4 years | International | Softback

This book is for young children who have been adopted from abroad.

Product description

This is not just another story for talking about adoption – it is your family’s story.

You can edit all of the text so this book really is your child’s story. Look out for the highlighted text - make sure to change it so it reflects the names your child calls you. You add photos of you, your child and all the other important people in their life.

The purpose of this book is to support parents in talking to children about their adoption. It could help to explain their adoption for the first time or to facilitate a greater understanding about their adoption.

$52.50 (USD)

Research has shown that adoptees do better when they know as much as possible about their adoption. Children grow up knowing that they have a Mom that gave birth to them - their birth Mom (or tummy Mom), and a Mom and Dad / two Moms / two Dads / a Mom / a Dad that raises them.

Reading this book with your child while they are very young helps you to get used to telling your child their story.

This book aims to encourage openness. Advice is, don’t wait for your child to ask questions. It’s very common for children not to ask questions, particularly about their birth parents. This can be because they don’t know to ask, or what to ask about, or because they don’t want to hurt their parents’ feelings. Each time you read this book with your child encourage them to ask you questions.