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The Memory Book Gift Card

Give a Memory Book gift card to someone you love, so they can create their own book

Product description

Makes a great present! If you are looking for a gift idea then look no further!

  • Unique gift for Mom, super present for Dad, ideal gift for elderly parent or grandparent!
  • It’s a great gift idea for someone who has everything or to celebrate a major birthday, whether that’s a 21st, 40th, 50th, 60th or 80th.
  • Brilliant for a retirement or anniversary present, especially the first anniversary (paper).

With a Memory Book Gift Card they can capture their memories in a beautiful book with their photos and stories

How it works:

  • When you have checked out we send an email with a unique code to the Recipient's email address filled in below. 
  • If you want the email to be sent to you, then fill in your email in the Recipient's email address field.  You can then either forward the email with your own message, or download the certificate below and copy the code into it, then print it and wrap it.

Note: Write the recipient's name and your name as you would like them to appear in the email - first names only are fine!

$42.14 (USD)

What to include in a Memory Book

Create a Memory Book online about your life or that of someone you love to keep precious memories safe.

There can be several reasons to do this:

  • Write a book about your life, for yourself or for grandchildren or other family members, to capture your memories or life story.
  • Create a family history book - all the members of the family can get involved to make sure your family history isn't forgotten.
  • Make a book about a parent or someone you love - this can be a tribute to them or a book of remembrance.

You include photographs, pictures and your own words and then have it printed on lovely paper, in a hardback cover.

Have a look at our help videos to see how easy it is to create your book.

Repeat customers automatically get a 15% discount. 

Worldwide shipping available.


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