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The Magic of You

The Magic of You is a book for LGBTQ or straight parents to help explain donor conception and surrogacy to young children

Product description

The Magic of You is fully customizable and will help:


-  Gay or single dads talk to their child about donor egg and surrogacy

-  Gay moms explain donor sperm to their child

-  Single moms explain donor sperm / a gestational surrogate

-  Straight couples tell their child that they used IVF or donor eggs / donor sperm / a gestational surrogate


You create avatars for the people involved in your story and edit the text to fit your family’s own set of circumstances.


Aimed at toddlers and pre-schoolers, the books are beautifully illustrated, printed on gorgeous paper and bound in a hardback cover. Each story has a photo section at the end which is a great place to add cherished photos of donors (if known), surrogates, other children in the family, godparents etc.  


Top tip: before you get started, make sure you have good photos of the characters in your story.


$59.00 (USD)

Useful tips

Useful tips when creating your Magic of You book.

Before you get started, make sure you have good photos of the characters in your story. 

Before you create your book it might help to look at our youtube video guidance.