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The Magic of You - with avatars

The Magic of You is not just another story for talking about donor conception or surrogacy – it is your story! You and your child (or twins) star in your own unique story.

Product description

You create avatars for the characters in your story and we place those onto the illustrations then you change the words to make it your own. The end result is not just a story about IVF or surrogacy, it is your own story.

We have stories suitable for heterosexual, same sex and single parent families – these are all editable.  

The books are aimed at toddlers and pre-schoolers, beautifully illustrated, printed on gorgeous paper and bound in hardback covers. Each story has a photo section at the end which is a great place to add cherished photos of donors (if known), surrogates, other children in the family, godparents and others special to you.

Pride Angel: “Thanks to her book Eva Rose can explain quite simply that she has two mums that love her and a donor, Daddy Simon Lee. The book includes wonderfully simple explanations about the process, with lovely illustrations. In short, our book is absolutely amazing, my daughter can’t get enough of it.

As the text can be edited, you can easily translate the book into other languages.

Worldwide shipping is available.

Need help? We also offer a service where we create your avatars for you at no extra cost! Find out more.

$54.60 (USD)
36-48 pages included